PS quick note: I had to reapply the swatches for the first 2 rows (which is why they look fresher in the photos)! My camera somehow lost the photos I took the first time around.

ANYWAY I’ll admit that this post is more of for swatches than a review because I have not actually worn any of these out yet, lol. I’ll try to update this post tomorrow after wearing some out!

But yes. These lipsticks are named 1999-2013 (for each year, obviously). On my hand, the top row is 1999-2003, middle is 2004-2008, and the bottom is 2009-2013. Ahhh yes.

These lip glosses smell really delicious! They have a fruity citrusy smell, and I took the liberty of LICKING SOME OF IT OFF MY HAND for the benefit of anybody reading this review. The taste isn’t very strong, but it is definitely a little bit sweet and fruity, like the smell. If you’re bothered by lip products with a taste, this is probably one of those products you want to try before you buy. I like it though! It’s definitely not strong enough to bother me. ;D

Anyway there is a great variety in here ranging from more nude colors without any shimmer or glitter, to some really pigmented bright and dark colors, and glosses with lots of glitter!

My personal favorites are 2000, 2001, 2009, and 2010. I wish 2005 (the gold one!) was more strongly pigmented because dang would I love some gold on my lips. It is still very glittery though and I’d love to try it out on top of some lipstick. :D

As of right now, my only complaint would be the feathering…as you can probably see on the bottom row (the only one I didn’t reapply), there is some feathering going on after probably having them on my hand for about an hour…I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it goes on my lips!

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