My makeup when I went to the magic castle…at various stages of the night and in no real order lol

Just flipping through my photos and finding old makeup pics….

I kiiiind of liked my makeup the other day??? I didn’t really go anywhere in this haha so figured I would share at least….

Wow it has been a long time but I’m a little bit stressed at work right now so I am taking a short break to write this quick review of Skin Food cacao hand balm!
I can’t resist anything that smells like chocolate hehehehe so I bought this to keep at my desk during work! Long story short I think if you love the scent of chocolate you will probably like this! It’s nothing particularly special but it makes your hands feel soft for maybe an hour and it isn’t sticky or slippery…it’s just a pretty unobtrusive hand balm that smells nice so if you want to smell like chocolate….
And I’m sure you can slather this all over yourself if you feel like it too, not just your hands hahahaha


Hahaha I liked my makeup today and was taking some selfies and PC jumped on my lap sooooooo here’s our dumb faces

aaand the final day of makeup…boring monday morning makeup haha

I’m sooo glad it’s over and I can go back to reusing makeup looks that I like more than once, but! I am glad that I experimented more with different color combos or eyeshadows and stuff…everything else got a bit repetitive, but lol I have pleeenty of eyeshadow to keep going with wearing like 2-3 different colors every day for a while…so I’m glad I was forced into using more of those

I’d also say I got better at doing a full face of makeup really quickly in the morning since I had to do this every day before work, and I also got better at doing eyebrows quickly/eyebrows in general (since that is a thing that I have really only started doing recently. MAKEUP JOURNEYYYY)

yesterday’s makeup! I didnt end up really going anywhere so I was a bit lazy

I also finally acquired the butter london wink mascara so i figured I’d try it out!

not a hugeeee fan of the brush but the color is pretty dang vibrant even indoors and stuff so I can forgive it! I might also grab the maybelline great lash mascara in pink just to do a direct comparison haha


ngl I am kind of tired of having to do something different every day hahahah I cant wait to go back to wearing whatever I want whenever I want bleh blhe lbhehelbhe

but yeah look I matched my lips and the lips on my shirt hahaha i’m hilarious


after work I look so tired and my hair gets so blahhhh

man I am bad about posting these on the actual day of